It’s just not herbs but a pack of treasure


We all have always desired to get our own beauty regime from a specialist and if it would be without any added cost then it surely is a cherry on the top.

As mentioned in my earlier blog about The Fab Bag luckily in one of my monthly bag, I got this set of Just Herbs with a note of how important it is to follow the beauty regime of cleaning, scrubbing, moisturizing (day & night) and a face pack at the end.

In this bag I received:
1. Just Herbs face wash – After a single wash you can see the glow on your face. The citric touch in its texture makes your morning refresh-full.

2. Just Herbs Apricot Sparkle Skin Radiance Scrub – If you have been using hard scrub for your supple skin then please stop it right now. This scrub from Just Herbs is soft and quite smooth for your skin.

3. Just Herbs daily moisturizer for dry to oily skin – A perfect blend of ingredients for a radiant skin.

4. Just Herbs fairness face pack – In the above picture there are two containers of the face packs. The sample is the one that got in the bag and the larger one that is anti tan, I bought because I simply love it.
Just Herbs

5. Just herbs Sun protection Lotion –
It may contains SPF but the texture is extremely oily. Moreover it doesn’t vanishes from your skin it stay all day long.

Lastly, I must say this brand can be considered for your daily beauty regime.

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